SSC/ DHV international seminar, Sopot, Polen

22 June 2012

Better learning from incidents (with Tripod)

A Tripod workshop is organised by SSC, in corporation with DHV. As sponsors of the Working On Safety (WOS) conference), we offer the participants a free workshop, just preceding the start of the registration at the conference (11 september, 15.00 hr). We feel that the safety potential of the Tripod method needs to be known more widely.

Date: 11 September 2012, 9.30- 15.00 hr.

Location: Sheraton hotel, Sopot Poland (same hotel as hosting the WOS conference). Registration for the conference starts at 15.00 hr. in this hotel.

Subscription for the free workshop: Click here.

Information about the workshop/ program can be found here (pdf)

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