Tripod implementation traject for companies

  • TRIPOD training
    In company training with the use of typical incidents of the company. Alternatively, staff members can follow our regular Tripod training. Our Tripod experts have a large experience in practicing Tripod. We are delievcering Tripod training already for more than 20 year. The training is very practical. 
  • TRIPOD coaching
    Our present Tripod training workshop are a good basis to start performing Tripod analysis studies of incidents. A further coaching after the training have been shown to be desirable for designated Tripod leaders: those who are considered to act as a Tripod leader in the company. To lead the investigation team, to set up the Tripod Tree and to formulate the recommendations. The coaching traject concerns three TRIPOD analysis studies and results in a Certificate of 'Competent Tripod Leader'. 
  • TRIPOD management introduction
    The implementation of the Tripod method in the company needs te be fully supported by the management. This is only possible if the added value for safety is fully understood. We usually presnet Tripod to managment in a session of 2-3 hours. It includes always a worked out example of an company incident case.
  • TRIPOD software TR2
    SSC developed a webapplication TRIPOD TRee (TR2) software for the (interactive) set-up of a Tripod analysis tree. by using this software, training participants can start practicing immediate after the training. This can easily be done from each computer with an internet connection. 

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