TRIPOD support

We deliver support for companies who wants to implement the Tripod method for incident analysis. The support includes the following:

  • TRIPOD analysis
    The performance of a TRIPOD analysis is a joint effort with the company. This is often done for relative serious incidents. In those cases some independence may be of importance. However, also knowledge and capacity problems are reasons. 
  • TRIPOD support
    The regular advise about the quality of the Tripod analysis and the necessity for training. Organisation of follow-up training and a (e.g. 2 yearly) Company Tripod Day to discuss the results.
  • TRIPOD downloads
    Background information about the application of Tripod is freely available via this site.  Information will be added en renewed on a regular basis. 

Column februari 2014
Incidents: Occupational and Process Safety: other worlds?

In the magazine of the VNCI (Dutch Chemical Industry) of October 2013 an article is published about a Lost Time Injury (LTI) analysis of incidents in 2012 that was made on the basis of a survey among ...

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