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Owner: Kuiper & Burger Milieumanagement B.V. (hereafter K&B), Jan van Beaumontstraat 1, 2805 RN Gouda, The Netherlands.

Client: the user of the Product, who has bought a license or has received a trial license for the Product.

Product: TR2 software


Use and Purpose of the Product

A (trail) license provides access to the Product.


The Product is to be used for analyzing incidents or near misses. It can also be used for Bowtie analyses. It is meant to be used by (people working for or owning) companies, businesses, organizations, governments, etc. and is not meant to be used by private persons. Therefor we see the Client as a representative/employee of a company, business, organization or government.


System requirements

The Product is web based and can be accessed and used with the following web browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge. These web browsers must be up to date and not limited in any way to guarantee functionality of the Product.


Security and Privacy

Connections to the website and the Product use HTTPS security protocol. The Product is accessed by password, which Client is required to change after first time login.


When Client loses the password Client can request Owner for a password reset by email. Client is required to change this password after login.


All users must, upon buying a (trial) license, enter a personal email address from their company. A general company email address (e.g. info@....) will not be accepted.


All data will be stored on a dedicated server in The Netherlands. A backup of the data is made frequently and reasonable security measures are taken to prevent hacking.


We advise Client not to enter personal information in the Product.



The Product is in English.


Difference between trail license and license

A trial license is valid for two weeks and has two limitations:

  • No export function
  • A trial license cannot be renewed


Ownership of the Product

The Product, including all rights, is owned by K&B.

Nobody, may sell, claim ownership or copy (parts of) the Product or use the Product in any commercial expression or any other way other than to use it as it is meant for, without prior approval in writing by the Owner.



Client will not claim liability or enter any other claim regarding the use of the Product. The owner is not in any way responsible for any damage that may follow from use of Product.


Owner can not be held accountable in any way for any information Client enters into the Product.


Buying of a license of the Product

Obtaining a license for the Product can be done by filling out the contact form on the tripodincidentanalyse website. Along with the license additional services can be bought. Client can select the required license period on the form. After submitting the form client will receive a confirmation.

The license and additional services are valid for a period (normally a year). The period can be selected on contact form.



Payment must be made in full before the Product can be used. The license will be valid for the period agreed upon.


Termination of the license and/or additional services

To terminate the license an email must be sent to tripod@kuiperburger.nl requesting to end the license and/or additional services two months prior to the expiration date. Otherwise the license will automatically be renewed for the same period as the previous license period. Any additional services will also automatically be renewed. Payment for the renewed license and, if applicable, additional services must be made in full before the renewal date. If payment is not received at the renewal date access to the Product will be denied until payment is received. Refusal of access to the Product will not revoke the obligation of the Client to fulfill payment. When the payment is not received within one month after renewal date Owner cannot guarantee that Clients data in the Product will be retained



All prices and rates are stated on our website in euros excluding VAT.


Applicable law

The applicable law is the Dutch law. Every dispute will be handled under Dutch law by the court in The Hague, The Netherlands.


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